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Have a blast watching movies and shows together with the Watch Ott party and create your own watch party to chat and enjoy the fun with friends in real-time.

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How Ott watch party works


Install watch Ott party

Pin watch Ott party


Open a video

Create watch Ott party


Join in watch Ott party

Install Watch ott party

To install Watch ott party, start off by clicking the"Install Watch ott party" button on this page.


How to join watch Ott party

Click on the party URL that will take you to the Netflix watch party website where you can watch Netflix together with your buddy. When you go to the website, you can instantly join the party. To do this, click the "TP" icon next to the address bar.


A fresh way to watch movies and series with your family and friends.

Watch ottparty is a new way to watch movies and series together with your close ones.

You can chat while enjoying the watch Ott party because it synchronizes the playback and features a chat option, where you have a chat with your mate without getting disturbed. It is compatible with well-known party streaming services including Netflix, movies on paramount plus, amazon, Disney Plus, Hulu, peacock, youtube, and hbomax Party. You can enjoy a virtual movie night with your long-distance special one. Plus, the best part is that you can create your own watching room without getting interrupted.

Watch now your favorite streaming websites with watch OTT party

To enjoy millions of fantastic shows with friends, quickly download watch OTT party on Netflix Teleparty, amazon, YouTube, Hulu, Disney Plus, HBO, peacock watch party, and Amazon Prime websites. By creating your own watching room , you can share your favorite show with your family and friends.

Time Sync Ott watchparties in HD

If you are watching a movie with your loved one, it's just you need to log in at the same time. So that you can take advantage of fast buffering and HD video quality in all of your watch Ott party on your desktop. Watch Ottparty is the best extension as compared to the Teleparty extension as it has the best features.


Customize your watch ott party

You can select a creative user icon and moniker to personalize your watch ott party to experience the most amazing features at the Watch Ott party.

Compared to the teleparty extension, it will allow you to make your own watching room So that you can enjoy your best series at Amazon.

About watch Ott party

Ott watchparty is a browser extension that allows users to enjoy movies and series simultaneously with their soul mates. Even if you are geographically separated, you can enjoy your favorite shows with watch ott a party. With the chat feature and synchronized playback on your desktop, you can chit-chat and share reactions in real time while taking in the same entertainment.

Watch ott party is a useful tool for a group watch Netflixmovies and series marathons because it supports a variety of streaming services, such as Netflix, youtube, peacock, Disney plus,Hulu watch party, amazon watch party , and HBO Max.


Don't worry if have a long-distance relationship, still, your friends watch online Hindi movies on Hulu. with its sense of closeness and shared experience among individuals, it brings people closer together. Here, you can also watch parties on Netflix.Compared to the teleparty extension watch Ottparty, there are numerous features and options to enjoy your best movie experience with your loved ones.


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